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9/17/05 - Each week the Register-Guard newspaper in Portland profiles a Duck player.  This week Geoffrey was the profiled player.  Here’s a link to the Q & A session that focused on topics non-football related -  



9/11/05  - Register Guard - UO IN A RUSH TO IMPROVE RUNNING GAME  (summary of Montana game)


Two games into the season, Oregon's rushing offense in the team's new spread scheme is still a work in progress.


The Ducks wanted to have a better day running the ball Saturday than they did in the opener against Houston. But Oregon's four tailbacks averaged barely more than two yards per carry against Montana, with 26 carries for 55 yards in the 47-14 victory at Autzen Stadium.


Like the skill position players, Oregon's offensive linemen also have more responsibility for reading defenses than they did in the past.

Right tackle Geoff Schwartz said the linemen have assignments that are less specific than last year's.


"It relies on us more to pick up blitzes," Schwartz said. "We have to actually recognize it, where last year our offense would just pick it up naturally through the flow of the play."


The Ducks said they knew it would take time for everybody to get comfortable in the new scheme.


"We're getting better every week, making strides every week," Schwartz said. "It's going to be a few games before we get it all sealed up. ...

"We're still young, so we don't recognize all the things coach wants us to, but I think we're getting there."



9/09/05 - Portland Tribune - TACKLES ARE A FORMIDABLE FORCE   (article about the two young offensive tackles)  http://www.portlandtribune.com/archview.cgi?id=31608




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